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Asphalt Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Asphalt?
Asphalt is a resilient material. Asphalt is an engineered mixture of aggregate, or stone and sand, mixed with liquid asphalt cement. It is sometimes known to people as hot mix asphalt, tarmac or asphalt concrete. It’s a popular choice for driveways, footpaths, factory units, car parks, schools, airport runways, and other applications where a smooth, durable driving surface is required.
Asphalt v Bitumen
Bitumen is a liquid product mixed with several other products, such as stone, grit and sand particles, to give you a hard finished surface, which is asphalt. Whilst many people refer to asphalt driveways as the same as a bitumen driveway – bitumen is just a product that is combined with other products to help make the driveway.
Asphalt Driveway Cost
Asphalt driveway costs can vary depending upon a number of factors. The factors that can affect an asphalt driveway cost include, the length and width of the asphalt driveway required, the steepness of the proposed asphalt driveway along with such things as how many curves and turns there are. It’s also very important to ensure the surface in prepared thoroughly before the asphalt is applied to ensure water does not back up into your garage or house areas when it rains. At Nelson Asphalting when we quote we provide you with a comprehensive quotation and personal advice including what drains and subsoil pipes are required to be laid for proper drainage. At Nelson Asphalting we pride ourselves not only on providing a most competitive quote for your asphalt driveway but also on creating the perfect solutions for your property within your budget and your time frame.
What is Asphalt Paving
Asphalt paving is generally any asphalt surface that is not either an asphalt driveway or asphalt road. Typically these are, but not limited to smaller asphalt surfaces such as footpaths and the like. With the versatility of asphalt, asphalt paving can enhance virtually any property either residential or commercial. Typical residential applications include garden and pool paths where asphalt can be shaped around difficult edges such as uneven surfaces, large rocks or even trees and shrubs.
Asphalt Repairs
Asphalt repairs large and small are all handled by Nelson Asphalting. With years of experience and a range of specialised asphalt repair equipment we can repair any asphalt surface. We also provide throughout Melbourne an emergency asphalt repair service for immediate repairs. Contact us regarding a range of asphalt repair options. No asphalt repair is too large or too small for us to handle!
Why an Asphalt Driveway?
A well designed and constructed asphalt driveway will not only provide easy access and parking for vehicles but will also add value to your property. An asphalt driveway will not only result in a hard, blacktop surface but is also suitable for driveway games, bike riding and roller-blading. What’s more an asphalt driveway unlike concrete or bricks doesn’t encourage weeds and ants in the joints. The asphalt driveway surface will be durable, long lasting and require very little maintenance.
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